Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Seussical is a musical comedy (original by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty), based on the many children’s stories of Dr. Seuss.

By | Gianluca Fornasier

On Wednesday, May 3, I had the pleasure of watching the opening show of the ND production of Seussical: The Musical.

Upon entering the auditorium I was surrounded by incredible neon trees and bright, colourful props which immediately transported me to the Trufflia Forest and immersed me in the delightful world of Doctor Seuss.

The show begins with the Cat in the Hat popping up from below the stage and acting as a narrator throughout the play, and he ensures that scenes flow smoothly by introducing new characters and settings effortlessly.

Each character played by different members of the talented ensemble is unique and offers their own fun perspectives to the nearly 2-hour long musical. In my opinion, the standout performances were Mayzie LaBird played by Gabrial Pollon, Horton the Elephant played by Ethan Metcalfe.

While each character and performer were vastly different, these two stars commanded the stage and caused loads of laughs, applause, and at times, a few tears.

Throughout the whole performance, the cast managed to engage the audience and draw them, into the fantastical world of Doctor Suess. This was due in part to the wonderful hair and costume department which absolutely nailed each character’s costume and outfit.

My favourites of the night were the monochromatic yellow 60s inspired outfits worn by the Whos from Whoville.

Despite a few minor mishaps such as the breaking of sets and some murmuring backstage being picked up on the mics, the ND production of Seussical: the Musical was incredible, and the entire cast should be very proud of themselves. 

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