Sun. Jun 4th, 2023
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It’s now May, and the 2023-24 Student Council is holding its annual campaign to fill certain roles for next year.

By | Ewan Sloan

Even if you aren’t interested in applying, this article will help you better understand the process many of your peers will soon be going through, and to help you be better prepared for your own vote.

There are two parts to this campaign. The first is the general election for grade representatives, and anyone can apply to be a candidate for this vote. 

Don’t Boo – Vote!

President Barack Obama

Grade reps have a range of duties; from brainstorming new ideas for school events, to setting up the seasonal activity days, a grade rep is always involved in and responsible for the spirit of the school. 

The other vote is that of the executive council.

Reference the article titled Who Are The ‘Exec’ At ND And Why Do I Care on the ND Observer for a more detailed idea of this team’s roles and responsibilities, but here’s the gist of it:

The execs are the ones who take these ideas of the grade reps, compile them, see if they’re viable, make the final decision, and bring the ideas to fruition.

Each member of this team, from the President to public relations, puts hours of their own time every week into making the school a better place for all Jugglers.

Those in grades 10 and 11 (who have been a grade representative in at least one year prior) who want to apply to join this team have already applied this year. 

The next step is one everyone will soon see. Each applicant will create a campaign video one minute or less to be shared with the entire school. 

After reviewing each of these videos, students will have the opportunity to vote for up to three candidates. The same will be done for the grade representative vote. Soon after the close of this campaign, the new team will be announced for both.

Make sure to watch every one of the videos posted on the school TV’s in the coming days, and think carefully about your vote.

Best of luck to everyone!

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