Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

After Mr. Evangelista’s departure from Notre Dame last summer, it seemed that Robotics club would just be forgotten, but fortunately, four students, and most importantly, Mr. Calderwood got together to revive the club.

By | Russel Kristian Fajardo

On October 6, 2022, the first meeting was held with 42 people attending the meeting, and joining the club.

After a month, the first competition was held in November, with the club still maintaining its original numbers. Plans for another competition were made, and on January 12th, the next competition was held.

Although the competition was played out, I noticed that by the start of March there weren’t as many people as before.

One of the reasons why this is the case of Robotics club is the lack of time.

With Seussical the Musical and the impending choir New York trip, considering that a number of students in robotics club are also in choir, it’s not often that they could attend Robotics Club.

There were also a lot of events going on within the first two months of the new year, such as the beginning of the second semester and the Choir Dinner Performance.

However, it is not fair to point out the problems within the club without pointing out its accomplishments.

For example, not only was it an overall successful continuation of the Robotics Club Mr. E left behind, but also managed to bring a variety of students together.

Not just certain people joined the club, but when it opened again in October, there was diversity. During ND open house, there was also a large interest, with a lot of people and future ND students checking the club out.

Luckily, Robotics club is starting to get back on track, with a reboot of the second competition having taken place.

With the Brobots team as a clear winner, as well as newfound determination and thoughts for the next competition running within Robotics club, it seems that Robotics club is making a comeback!

The future of the club is starting to look bright with an open-ended competition closed shut, and at this point, anything can happen.

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