Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

There are many clubs, teams, and committees here at ND. From football, volleyball, and outdoor club to robotics, book club, and crochet club there’s something for everyone. Or, is there?

By | Ewan Sloan

These are the current Clubs available to Jugglers:

Altar Servers/ Art Club/ Book Club/ Care Collective/ Crochet Club/ Debate/ Educational Tours/ Leadership & Ministry/ Library Club/ Outdoor Club/ Outreach/The Door is Open/ Pep Band/ Robotics/ STEM Journal/ Ski & Snowboard/ Social Club/ Soloists/ Stage Crew/ Student Council/ The Observer/ Theatre/ Ushers/ Yearbook and Photograph.

The question is, what do you do when your dream club isn’t yet an option? The answer: start it yourself!

This may seem like a large undertaking that’ll take up all of your time, but that’s simply not the case.

The first step is to find a small team of like-minded individuals that want to aid you in this journey. Leading a club is hard, so having other people to help you, and to fill in when you can’t be there, is a must.

The Outdoor Club [Mr. McCracken] is a huge success at Notre Dame.

The next step is to find a teacher-sponsor.

This is the hardest part of starting a new club, as many teachers are either too busy to help, or are simply not interested in the subject of the suggested club.

Finding a teacher who is just as passionate about the club as you will be the difference between a club that becomes a staple of ND and one that fades out within a year.

You and your team will now need to gather all the information about your potential club into an email (teacher sponsors, areas of the school needed, days of the week, length of meetings, etc.) and send it off to Mr. Deslaurier for review.

There are various other options to increase the chance of success at this step, such as holding a mock meeting or proffering a survey to gauge the interest of the school.

If everything is in order, he will give the official ‘OK’ to begin!

Now is the fun part, advertising the club to as many people as will listen, and holding your first meeting.

Once the club has been active for a couple of weeks, you can talk to Mrs. Chan about getting it on the school website.

Of course, The Observer and Mr. DiDonato will be happy to write an article about your journey, and help you promote your new club.

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