Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Zellers was a Canadian discount department retail chain that operated stores throughout Canada for 82 years. Founded in 1931, the company was purchased by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1978. Zellers stores were closed in 2013.

By | Paulina Rahman

Zellers, a Canadian department store which is a vague and nostalgic memory to many, is returning later this year.

Though originally known for its discounted prices, bold red branding, and restaurant, it is likely a new image is to come.

Zellers was founded in 1931 by Walter P. Zeller, and he quickly saw success. Eventually the Hudson’s Bay Company bought the company and led Zellers to reach its peak performance in the 90s (  

Unfortunately, competitors such as Walmart and Amazon left Zellers with no choice but to begin closing stores in 2011 and to be sold to the American brand, Target.

Zellers is Back!

However, Target stores in Canada also eventually closed down as the stores performed poorly. 

Unexpectedly, Zellers has been slowly releasing details on their comeback. It is planned that 25 locations will be opening in Canada within select Hudson’s Bay stores.

Additionally, it is hinted their restaurant will also be featured in temporary food trucks with new items. 

Another new feature Zellers plans to roll out is an e-commerce website in hopes of expanding their demographic. 

It is uncertain whether this comeback will be a success, especially that there are so many competitors and that online shopping only continues to grow. 

Limited information is available, but it is intriguing to see how Zellers reintroduce themselves, and what the company’s intentions are. 

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