Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

This year’s musical production directed by Mr. Isherwood is Suessical the Musical. Featuring many of Dr. Suess’ unique characters; Notre Dame will be bringing it all to life this May.

By | Martina Poldrugo

Auditions were held this past week. Seussical is a musical comedy originally created by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, based on the many children’s stories of Dr. Seuss, with most of its plot being based on Horton Hears a Who!, Gertrude McFuzz, and Horton Hatches the Egg while incorporating many other stories.

Here’s a sneak peek at some stars of the show: 

Cat in the Hat: (double cast) starring Stefano Diogo and Nathaneal Servano. Cat in the Hat narrates the story and establishes fun, imagination, and problems throughout the musical.

Jojo: played by Amalia Custodio and Sidney Knoll. Jojo is a child who accompanies Cat in the Hat and is a smart, imaginative character.

Horton the Elephant: Ethan Metcalfe and Bryden Sananin. Horton is a large, gentle elephant. With a large heart, Horton believes in the goodness of the world.

Mayzie LaBird: Gabby Pollon. Mayzie LaBird is an outgoing character who tries to live life to the fullest. She can be manipulative and does not like to admit it when in the wrong.

Sour Kangaroo: Sam Garcea. The Sour Kangaroos is a loud, obnoxious character with lots of attitude. She is stylish, flamboyant, and enjoys having power.

Mr. and Mrs. Mayor: Ayden Lim/Nathen Nunez and Isabel Dente. Mr. and Mrs. Mayor are Who’s, and Jojo’s parents; they want the best for their child and try to do the right thing in raising them.

Gertrude McFuzz: Angelica Arias and Guilia Artuso. Gertrude is a quieter character who observes others rather than being the centre of attention. She does not quite fit in and is insecure about her one feathered tail.

Wickersham Brothers: Mike Scaglione, Aiden Perizzolo & TJ Cagdan. This trio of monkeys is always looking to create havoc!

Bird Girls: Valentina Picariello, Daniela Ruscitti & Yra Renoblas. The Bird Girls are a close harmony trio who comment on the story, like the 3 fates.

Other cast members include:

Jecht Alfonso, Seandre Alfonso, Kayleigh Aranguez, Shania Arranguez, Angela Bifulco, Catherine Bukowski, Gabriella Chan, Cassia Coelho, Edriselle Dicritan, Catia Diogo, Shania DiTullio, Gabriela DoPaco, Clare Gazzola, Hailey Halldorson, Katelyn Hiltz, Zelia Jaques, Gabriella Krol, Martina Poldrugo, David Raskin, Ewan Sloan, Ashlyn Talbot, and Gabriela Zuniga-Petrella.

Tickets will available soon!

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