Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The student council here at Notre Dame is responsible for many of the school’s activity days, dress down days, and events, but with so many responsibilities falling on the council, there must be a team to lead, direct, and perfect them. 

By | Ewan Sloan

Meet the executive council:


This year’s grade reps include:

Maddisen Ching // Isabel Dente // Annika Morcilla // Kirsten Morcilla //Angelica Abijero // Hailey Halldorson // Marco lacobucci // Marco Krumpak // Matea Curman // Ethan Metcalfe // Sienna Pavan // Martina Poldrugo // Daniela Ruscitti // Nathanael Servano // Stefania Cirotto // Carlo Daoud // Sofia Kraljevic // Kristina Pavan // Klyde Tan // Fiona Murphy // Jordan Nguyen // Julian Sousa // Bento Garcia // Selena Quilatan // Valentina Valenti

The first job the ‘exec’ is responsible for influences every student at the school, so it must be handled with the utmost care.

This job is the creation of the school’s event calendar itself. This is done over the Summer, and requires the group to decide which days of the year will be dress downs, game nights, or activity days months in advance.

The calendar is only decided once, but each event needs time and planning to make it worthwhile and enjoyable for the students at Notre Dame. This is done at the weekly meetings.

A regular Tuesday at lunch meeting for the student council consists of 4-6 grade representatives from each grade in Mrs. Jacob’s classroom brainstorming and voting on the details of upcoming events.

For example, at our most recent meeting, the group brainstormed ideas for a school-wide “game night” – stay tuned for what was decided on Instagram (nd_studco).

Working Hard For All Jugglers!

At the front of the classroom sits the five executive council members. Their job at these meetings is to keep everyone on track, take notes, and ensure decisions are ultimately made, but there’s much more that goes on behind the scenes.

The five executive council members always meet before these group meetings to lay out an itinerary and discuss the decisions made at the previous meeting.

Whether it’s reserving inflatable games for the end of year activity day or purchasing new Halloween decorations, you can always find one of these five busy after school.

In fact, while writing this, I (the secretary) was asked to step out of class twice to move, reorganize, and prepare various boxes of supplies around the school. 

You may only briefly see the executive council when they pass you by carrying a box of hot chocolate or hear them when they say each day’s morning prayer, but the impact these five have on the school is undeniable, and if you choose to run in the election at the end of the year, that impact could very well be yours.

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