Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Over 46,000 lives have been lost to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023. 

By | Jessie Woo

The disaster has destroyed countless buildings, leaving over 2.4 million individuals and families with nothing.

This vast displacement has created a huge setback to Syria’s 12-year conflict from the civil war that has shattered their nation and the refugee crisis they continue to battle. Along with the rising death toll, statistics have reported over 87,000 injuries.

Countries across the world have stepped in to help, such as providing search and rescue teams to aid in recovering any survivors buried in the rubble. Many have also sent resources such as food and other necessities, and supplied for the health sector.

With over 24 million people affected by this horrific event (, organizations including the UN have sent humanitarian aid, with over 4.1 million individuals relying on humanitarian assistance in Northwest Syria.

Image from CNBC

As reported by SkyNews, the earthquake has also left hundreds of thousands of children vulnerable to multiple factors including family separation, abuse and exploitation due to the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Many no longer have a home and are even orphaned, leading to extreme dependence on humanitarian support.

The mental impact this disaster had on women and children continues to worsen as countless are already scarred from the hardships of the 12-year aftermath of the civil war as well as the refugee crisis.

How can you help?

Donating to sourced charities and funds that will aid in evacuating survivors, providing them with basic needs, humanitarian support and much more. It is a significant way for you as an individual to show your support to those affected by this earthquake.

Prayers for individuals and families who are suffering from the aftermath is another simple yet powerful and impactful way of showing your support and concern.

According to the CBC, Canada has pledged to provide Turkey and Syria with $10M and will look into sending medical and research teams to help when the conditions are safe.

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