Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
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Looking to apply for a scholarship to a Canadian University or College? Your Marks Might Not Matter!

By | Ana Brkich

With the university application process around the corner, many seniors dwell on financial challenges that come with attending a post-secondary institution, in which scholarships can be a great alternative.

Although there are many of them (scholarships) out there, according to, more than $100 million go unclaimed each year. What?!

To prevent that, it’s important to not only make scholarships more accessible to students, but also put more emphasis on the importance of them. For more students.

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Mainly, the study shows that the reason why students don’t apply in the first place, is solely for the lack of confidence and credence they have in themselves.

This is the reason why they go to waste, therefore encouraging students to apply can help them find various different scholarships they qualify for. 

According to a report, to qualify for a scholarship, it’s completely unnecessary to have an outstanding personal profile and high marks. In some situations.

They all vary in lengths, content and requirements, but in the end, any little bit of effort can make a huge impact in one’s schooling journey.

Some of the useful websites that offer various scholarships and make them easier to access would include, Fastweb, CareerOneStop, and many more.

The scholarship application process is ongoing, and you can apply each semester; it is to your advantage to submit applications to as many scholarships as possible.

You may be one of the students that doesn’t see the significance of scholarships now, but think a couple of months ahead when you will be about to attend a post-secondary institution, how much winning a scholarship can not only affect you, but also your family.

Take the first-step and apply, because if you don’t try, you’re 100% guaranteed to not get any financial support.

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