Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

To all the aspiring and future medical students: SFU is confirmed to be opening a new medical school, with the first round of student intake aiming to take place in September 2026!

By | Samantha Kwong

With the shortages of doctors in B.C., Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Surrey campus is taking a significant step to improve this issue.

Having a new medical building coming into play, the provincial government is starting to enhance the primary care of access to doctors. 

On November 28, 2023 Premier of British Columbia, David Eby stated “While we have made enormous progress to strengthen public health care over the last five years, we know that many British Columbians are struggling to find a family doctor and waiting too long for care on a waiting list or in an emergency room,”

Roughly 20% of B.C. residents do not have access to a family doctor. “That’s why are taking action to train, recruit and retain family doctors now – and taking these steps with Simon Fraser University to train the health workforce we’ll need in the future.”

Considering all the medical shortages, the investment to an additional medical institution is a huge step forward in providing care to the people.

From the province, a total amount of $4.9 million was invested for the funding of the school and support of the project. 

Additionally, SFU has hired an interim Dean, Dr. Roger Strasser to help them in providing strategic leadership in the blueprints and planning of the new building.

He is known to be the founding dean and CEO of the Northern Ontario school of Medicine and is viewed as a leader in the development of health care education. SFU’s new program will outline primary care settings, reflecting on social, environmental and prevention contexts. Perspectives of the First Nations, Inuit and Metis will also be incorporated in the school.

The curriculum for the course will focus on diversity, primary care, community partnerships, and Indigenous knowledge in the medical setting. 

Ever since the announcement, SFU has been working hard by interacting and engaging with various communities, as well as working with First Nations Health Authority and Fraser Health Authority to ensure their medical school shares the focus of educating primary care physicians and offering accountability to the community.

Good luck to all those planning to apply to medical school in a couple of years!

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