Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

For the past few years, Notre Dame has continued to upgrade the campus to keep up with the times, so it’s satisfying that its dedicated website is now a big part of those improvements.

By | Aiden Diaz

For all of us grade 12s, being able to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing, well-designed, copacetic school website during our final year, is a welcomed bonus.

“Old is gold”, as they say, but ever since the talks of an improved website started a few years ago, everybody has been eyeing that one sweet possibility of something new

With the help of Ms. Chan, who championed the new site, the students’ wishes came true, and now the school’s website has never been better.

Immediately upon entering the website, viewers are presented with a welcoming image of the carving of Our Lady (found just outside the Father Joe Cuddy Auditorium), as well as a brief history – housed in the About tab, of Notre Dame.

Not only that, but if you’re ever in need of information as a student, the homepage provides you with six different “essentials”. More about those later.

What if you’re looking for Student Services, or any other clerical affairs? Then that’s no problem! The top right corner of the website covers everything a parent could and would inquire about.

To find upcoming events, just click the Academics tab and choose the calendar. Under the same tab, you will find the daily schedules.

It’s such a step up from (the mostly) past its time previous version.

Not only does it cover all student-related services, but it also has a Juggler Life tab, which houses links to: campus ministry, athletics, the ND store the outdoor club, and The Observer!

Finally, the Updates tab is where everyone can see all that’s happening at ND. Here you will find Notre Dame hosted events, and all the exceptional activities that happen daily at the school.

The splash page (startup page) includes these essential links: an attendance form for parents, calendars and timetables, as well as an ND handbook.

So, while the website’s more minor features are under construction, the new site is something we can all be proud of as Jugglers. 

A huge shout-out to Ms. Chan for all the work she did to get this new site up and running – well done!

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