Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The month of December is finally here! The weather’s getting colder, the mood is getting merrier, and Christmas is getting closer—so here are some fun ways to celebrate in places in the Vancouver area. All are great fun for the entire family. 

By | Gabrial Pollon

Vandusen Gardens Festival of Lights 

If you’re fond of light shows, music, Christmas lights, and wandering through the beauty of nature, this event is right for you. It is a huge, 55 acre botanical garden that is decorated with millions of lights arranged in all different forms, colours and sizes.

As you walk through gorgeously illuminated trails, gardens and tunnels you will also be greeted by mini donut and popcorn stations, Make-A-Wish candle grottoes, a carousel, live music and a light show over a lake synced to popular Christmas tunes.

This writer goes at least once every year, and absolutely loves it. It is located in North Van’s Shaugnessy neighbourhood. 

PNE Winter Festival

Starting on December 14th, the PNE Winter Festival perfectly balances glowing lights and enchanting displays with tons of fun activities (with lots of food!)

You can take a ride on the infamous, romantic Ferris wheel, which offers breathtaking views of the mountains and city. Vendors sell delectable treats like candy apples and cool Christmas-inspired drinks and eats— there is so much to choose from! There is also outdoor ice skating, a winter market, theatre shows and a light show experience that (almost) rivals Vandusen’s.

The best birthday of my life was celebrated here— the surroundings truly inspire joy and cheer. The Christmas magic is definitely strong with this one!

It is located at the PNE in East Van. 

Vancouver Christmas Market

Walking into the Vancouver Christmas Market is like walking through a portal into the heart of Germany’s Christmas.

Illuminated by strings of lights, you can browse through the outdoor holiday market with over eighty vendors selling authentic German food, handmade gifts, festive trinkets, mulled wine and much more.

The way everything is set up is so adorable and merry. If you walk far enough through it, there is a gorgeous view of the water. But only go if you’re willing to spend money, because that is the only activity you can really do there other than sit on Santa’s lap.

It is located in the Jack Poole Plaza in downtown Vancouver. 

Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge 

The tourist attraction which brings so many onlookers daily always goes all out this time of year.

The iconic suspension bridge and the surrounding forest are completely decked out with impressive light displays. The trail and hike is already beautiful, but the lights make it a thousand times better.

There are many opportunities for unique photo ops (for any ND influencers reading) It is not only the trees and structures that are illuminated—the water of the canyon below is also glowing with multicoloured lights.

Don’t miss the live music, hot chocolate, gift store and scavenger hunt. This is in North Van, and be warned—a whopping $70 is required for adult entry.

If you’re a student or child, you’ll get away with about $10 less. 

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