Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
man and woman dancing on the sidewalk

Every year, Latin American Heritage Month is celebrated in Canada during the month of October.

By | Rachel Kung

Why do we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

The Latin American Heritage Month Act, which was made official in 2018, states that the Parliament of Canada recognizes the contributions of Latin Americans to the nation – socially, economically, and politically.

The Latin Market at Granville Island

It is an opportunity to remember these contributions and to honour and celebrate the culture and traditions of Latin Americans, as well as to educate others by raising awareness.

HHM (Hispanic Heritage Month) is often celebrated through festivals, art shows, and more. There are many events held nationally to celebrate, along with several held locally throughout October. These events are specifically dedicated to the recognition of Latin American culture:

  • Latin American Arts Exhibition Connecting with Mother Earth (Oct. 16)
  • Latin American Brilliance (Oct. 19)
  • Latin Market ft. Día de Muertos (Oct. 29-30)
a variety of foods on the table near the sunflowers
A Delicious Latin American Spread

Latin America is most known for its food, dance, and literature. These are only some of the many great elements of Hispanic culture.

Through these events, you can experience and learn about Latin American heritage and traditions.

By learning about and understanding other cultures and their history, it allows us to view the world with an open mind and see the beauty in diversity and cultural differences.

Familiarizing yourself with cultural diversity can help to eliminate negative stereotypes and racism toward other ethnic groups.

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