Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

On October 16, 2022, Ken Sim and the ABC party won the Vancouver mayoral race by a landslide victory after capturing 49% of the votes.

By | Gianluca Fornasier

Historic Victory

After losing the last election in 2018, Sim was able to usurp now ex-mayor, Kennedy Stewart.

This historic win for Sim now makes him the first Chinese-Canadian mayor that Vancouver has ever had. Ken Sim’s campaign policies focused heavily on crime and public safety, which garnered him an endorsement from the Vancouver Police Union, which is an unprecedented feat for any mayoral candidate.

The ABC party is now set to send the entire roster of 7 counsellors to city hall along with Sim.

This means that the ABC party can pass laws that require anything up to a ⅔ majority vote, with several other candidates being elected in the park and school boards. 


Ken Sim has made a variety of promises throughout his lengthy campaign.

For example, Sim has promised to expand the Vancouver Police Department’s “Car 87 Program”. This program allows mental health professionals and plainclothes officers to respond to non-violent emergencies.

Moreover, Sim has pledged to equip all officers with body cams by 2025, and he wants to reinstate the program which allows police officers to be stationed in city schools across Vancouver. 

About Ken Sim

The Sim Family

Ken Sim was born and raised in Vancouver and has been a proud Vancouverite for his whole life.

Sim is a successful entrepreneur and founder of 2 famous Vancouver companies, Rosemary Rocksalt Bagels and Nurse Next Door.

Ken Sim is a husband and he and his wife Teena are raising 4 boys and a dog named Hank. Sim believes that Vancouver should be more affordable, livable, and safer.

Most importantly, Sim wants to create a flourishing city that provides equal opportunities for all Vancouverites.

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