Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Ned Fulmer, a famous social media personality and member of the beloved Try Guys, was exposed recently cheating on his wife of 10 years with his employee Alexandria Herring.

By | Gianluca Fornasier

News broke of this scandal on September 27, 2022, but it appears that the Try Guys were aware of the report in early September, as that is when Ned and Alex started to be edited out of videos and podcasts.

However, fans only discovered this in late September when pictures and videos of the scandal were leaked on Reddit which made their way to Twitter, where they reached a much larger audience.

In the span of 24 hours, countless tweets discussing Ned’s infidelity were posted, gaining hundreds of thousands of likes. This prompted the Try Guys to release this official statement: 

Try Guys

And Ned Fulmer apologized via Twitter:

Ned Fulmer Tweet

These allegations came as a shock to many as Fulmer (35) talked about how much he loved his wife Ariel (36) in every video, even being given the nickname, “The Wife Guy” by fans.

Ned was spotted making out with his employee Alexandria during a night out in a New York bar after attending a Harry Styles concert that same night. The fan who took a snap of the two then promptly sent the evidence to Alexandria’s fiancée and Ariel, Ned’s wife.

This would lead to the destruction of Fulmer’s career, which was firmly based on family and his relationship with his wife.

As of now, the Try Guys, have rebranded themselves as a group of three, and are quickly removing any Ned merchandise, or paraphernalia from their sites.

This is by no means the end of the Try Guys. On the contrary, the Guys have actually been praised for taking immediate action regarding the termination of Ned.

However, there has been no information regarding the termination of Alexandria Herring. On October 3, the Try Guys released a YouTube video regarding the termination of Ned Fulmer and the changes they are enacting. 

This scandal is seen as a betrayal by many, as the fans of the Try Guys viewed Ned and Ariel’s relationship as the pinnacle of married life. Ned set the example of being a loving and doting husband.

His affair with Alexandria not only destroyed the trust his fans had in him, it also set a bad example for young viewers who look to Ned as a role model. 

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