Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist who lectures at the University of Toronto on many controversial topics such as mental health, gender identity and political leaders.

By | Karolina Baricevac

Throughout a students’ time at school, we often dislike or disagree with our teachers. 

Sometimes, that’s due to their teaching style, or the amount of work they assign, and at times, their overall attitude. Therefore, students often ponder what it would be like if they could choose their own teachers.

Jordan Peterson is a world renowned Canadian clinical psychologist. He is also well known as an author, as a media personality, and professor at Emeritus University of Toronto. 

Over the years, he has made a name for himself through his detailed lectures and interviews. With all the controversies in today’s society, he has piped up and made his own polemic opinions known on various topics. 

Peterson is known as a conservative, but refers to himself as a “classic British Liberal” focusing on the mindset of physiological belief. 

Although many people tend to disagree with Peterson, I find him to be an extremely educated and outspoken person.

Nevertheless, many find the topics he engages in are problematic. 

For instance, one of the main topics he discusses in his lectures, or while on a talk show or podcast, are political parties or figures in power, such as our Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. 

In May 2022, Dr. Peterson was on another televised interview. When asked about his view of Trudeau, Peterson replied with, “From what I have been able to observe, it’s all stage acting. He has crafted a persona. He has a particular instrumental goal in mind, and everything is subordinated to serve that”. 

Discussing issues that surround our prime minister is not intended to be prophylactic, but rather, it is meant to further educate people on the corruption that exists, which according to Peterson, is infiltrating politics. 

Advantage one of having Jordan Peterson as my teacher is that when he makes a claim or statement about a topic, even if I don’t agree with it, he always has research and factual evidence to back it up.

They are not mindless thoughts that he is spewing. They are intentional statements with mountains of critical thinking behind them. 

Recently, Dr. Peterson had a discussion with Piers Morgan about hot button topics such as gender, cancel culture, and Vladimir Putin.

When differing perspectives arise in a debate or discussion, he does not dismiss them. Instead, Peterson takes his time researching the topic, to form his own educated opinion.

As a result, he is never necessarily close minded; and more importantly, can hold his own in many a debate.

Jordan Peterson is a world-renowned figure who has changed many people’s perspectives for the better. 

That is why I would choose him as my teacher. 

One thought on “If I Can Have Any Teacher in the World”
  1. I have been a fan of Jordan Peterson for quite a while now. I’m glad to have read this. This areticle is not politically biased opinion on Jordan Peterson which may be a first for him. He has cetainly been through the ringer for things he has said, which he accepts the consequences of. I like this man one the basis of that most if not all of what he says is not his opinion but on the literature that he has read. He is also very educated, you can tell this by the way he speaks. I usually find myself listening to his tour speeches he dose. Even though some things he may say I don’t agree with but he uses evidence to back up his claims, unlike most of the world right now. The world we live seems to be going to a place where you have to believe me because you have to and you can’t disagree. Really happy that this was made. It was fun to read. Sorry for my target there, got a little carried away. To answer the question I would want him as a teacher and as a friend. Thanks

    P.S. Sorry for my bad grammer, not the best at it

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