Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Full of unexpected twists and turns, Dan Brown’s Deception Point is a fast-paced thriller that provides an inside look into the works of NASA, the NSA, and the White House.

By | Alexandra Macachor

NASA, struggling to come up with a new breakthrough, claims they have made a discovery that would change the world of science forever.

A meteor has been discovered in the Milne Ice Shelf containing fossils; and evidence of extraterrestrial life. The American President, an avid supporter of NASA, sends Rachel Sexton, an intelligence analyst, to confirm if the data is true.

Rachel and Michael Tollan, a handsome oceanographer and television personality, race to uncover the secrets behind the incredible discovery. 

Deception Point

Fans of Dan Brown’s books will recognize the plot design of Deception Point, which inevitably includes: a major mystery, an intelligent, beautiful female lead, and a dashing intellectual male antagonist.

While Dan Brown’s books follow similar plots, Deception Point still manages to be a page turner.

I enjoyed how Brown proposes his theory of how we might find extraterrestrial life. It was believable in its explanation, yet it still managed to amaze.

One drawback readers might have, is that the story includes many “info dumps”. There are pages dedicated to background information.

While it contributes to the story, I think that the information could have been condensed into just the information needed to understand the story. The impression I get from the information is that the author is showing off his knowledge of certain topics.

Overall, Deception Point is an engaging book with a plot that will get your heart pumping and keep you reading through.

Dan Brown’s story-telling abilities are superb, and he does not disappoint in this story.

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