Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
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As we prepare for the last few days of school, we all heave a sigh of relief to have nearly finished off another successful academic year. Gr 12’s are mentally preparing themselves to wave Notre Dame goodbye and begin their future endeavours into post secondary and beyond.

By | Saray Membrano

To leave behind a few words of wisdom, I have compiled a list of advice that future Gr 12’s should take into consideration. From experience, Gr 12 has been memorable, challenging, chaotic, overwhelming, yet exhilarating. I have also suffered from major senioritis, which I initially believed to be a myth, but it is very much realer than anticipated. For those of you who are convinced it will not happen to you…it will.

I present to you “Words of Advice From a Twelfth Grader”:

  1. Apply for scholarships the summer before Gr 12 and throughout the remainder of your final year. There are a variety of scholarships available online that are not always solely based on GPA. 
  2. Never leave university applications to the last minute. Be aware of deadlines and stay on top of them. No one is going to be constantly reminding you. It is your responsibility to keep track of documents, know what courses are required for specific degrees/programs, etc.
  3. For the ladies, prom dress shopping should occur ASAP. Essentially, between the months of September and December are ideal, as it may take months for custom dresses and alterations to be made. No one wants to do last minute shopping that may prevent them from purchasing the dress of their dreams.
  4. Take what you need. That is, the courses in your timetable should be relevant to what you wish to pursue in post secondary. Think to yourself, “Will I need Pre Calculus 12? Will I need science, socials, or both?”
  5. Establish a balance. Do not overload your schedule with highly difficult classes. (I have made that mistake; it was not pretty). Do not be afraid to challenge yourself, but keep in mind that throwing in an elective course is probably what will help relieve the intensity. 
  6. Study hard, have fun! We all know the cliché phrase of “Grades are not everything”. Perhaps there is some underlying truth that we tend to overlook. While slacking off and putting in minimal effort is probably not the ideal approach, never let one bad grade define the rest of your year. Focus on doing what you love, because it can be motivating to allow yourself well deserved “me time”. 
  7. Do not take anything for granted. Enjoy high school while it lasts. It will be over in a blink of an eye. You would not want to reminisce on memories of the past and dwell over missed opportunities. 
  8. Lastly, don’t be stupid! As we grow older and mature, we must realize we are no longer kids. We will soon be adults and have to make logical, wise decisions. Don’t involve yourself or associate with people who serve you no good. Don’t do or say things that will get you in trouble. It is not worth it! To make high school enjoyable for yourself and others, be mindful of what you do and say. Be respectful, responsible, and kind.

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