Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Should Kim Kardashian have been allowed to wear the most expensive dress in the world?

By | Kayla Lu

Every year, a Met Gala red carpet event is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As one of the most widely recognized events in Western media, people look forward to the celebrities attending the Met Gala each year in gorgeous suits and dresses that cater to the annual theme.

This year, the art show sparked many controversies due to the usage of numerous historic item pieces.

For this year’s theme, “America: An Anthology of Fashion,” model and reality TV star Kimberly Kardashian donned the “Happy birthday Mr. President” dress, which was last worn by Marilyn Monroe.

Kim was panned for wearing this incredibly old and delicate dress, which had been preserved in a museum for decades.

Kim Kardashian and BF Pete Davidson at the Met Gala.

Costume critics such as Bob Mackie and numerous social media outlets were concerned Kim would break the dress or damage it in any way.

In order to fit into the dress without tearing it, Kim Kardashian said that she worked out for months. To further preserve it, she only wore the actual dress for the red carpet: after passing through the museum’s front entrance and heading into the building via the long, famous staircase, she reportedly changed into a replica of the dress for the rest of the night. Kim claimed that she also practised walking up the Met Gala stairs to keep the dress in a proper condition. 

The original dress was taken straight back to the initial museum it was being kept in to adequately preserve it.

I believe Kim wore the dress in order to acknowledge the parallels between her and Monroe.

Both superstar models are no stranger to controversy: famous for their ‘sex appeal,’ Kim’s fame was kickstarted by a public scandal, and Marilyn Monroe’s career was shrouded in rumour and mystery. Marylin Monroe, like Kim, is known for her involvement in scandals that branded her as a ‘sex symbol.’ Maybe Kim wore the dress because she considers herself to be the modern-day Marilyn Monroe.

Marylin Monroe was one of the most famous and widely recognized icons of her time. Kim boasts a following of 313 million people on Instagram

Kim wearing Marilyn’s dress was the hottest topic of the night. Do you think Kim should have worn it?

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