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Formula 1

Apr 11, 2022

Due to the antagonistic duo of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 has become increasingly popular, catching the attention of millions around the world.

By | Jessie Woo

Entranced by a brand-new onscreen rivalry, the latest season of the popular Netflix show Drive to Survive has brought a new wave of fans to Formula 1 racing.

The popularity of the hit Netflix series has played a massive role in bringing new fans to the sport. Viewers took interest in its behind-the-scenes approach: the drivers’ lives and relationships, both on and off the road, are shown in far greater detail when compared to other F1 shows.

Fans, especially newer ones, are fascinated by not just the races, but by the competing teams and the drama that ensues from their interactions. 10 teams and 20 drivers appeared this season, but there were two standout racers.

Verstappen v Hamilton (photo from Sky Sports)

Rising star Max Verstappen and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton fought tooth and nail for the title of champion during the final race in Abu Dhabi. Their feud sparked interest and discussions between fans old and new across the globe.

For years, many Formula 1 fans complained about how predictable the races were. Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team remained undefeated for years, and the lack of competition lead to an eventual drop in viewership.

In spite of this, a team with a highly ambitious driver eventually developed a car fast enough to challenge Mercedes. It took several years, but Red Bull became a strong contender for the championship title.

Red Bull’s hard work paid off in 2021. Verstappen established himself as a significant threat to Hamilton’s win streak, and the two racers engaged in numerous battles and controversies. In a particularily dramatic finale, Mercedes claimed the championship title yet again; the win felt earned this time.

The 2022 season has already started, and the Formula 1 audience continues to skyrocket. Who will be the victor?

An intense weekly rivalry (photo from Sky Sports)

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