Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Now that Kim Kardashian’s divorce to Kanye has been finalized, what’s next?

By | Gabby Pollon

From the start of his career, Kanye West has regularly been the centre of controversy and media outrage. The world might have thought they had already seen his worst scandals, such as slamming President George Bush on live national television, or the infamous Taylor Swift confrontation at the VMAs, but they hadn’t.

These scandals have shaped his image as a public figure, for better or worse.

Soon, however, Kanye’s tendency to get himself into very public troubles may spell disaster for his career. Kim Kardashian’s decision to initiate a divorce from Kanye after 7 years has sparked a downward spiral of destructive behaviours.

Kim & Kanye (Image from People Magazine)

Why is his PR team has seemingly abandoned him during this phase is baffling. Let’s review some of his recent misconduct. Kanye has:

  1. Accused Kim of kidnapping their children and keeping him from them.
  2. Accused Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, of spreading pop star Ariana Grande’s explicit photos around and dating Hillary Clinton.
  3. Threatened to send “goons” to where Pete Davidson works at Saturday Night Live (SNL). 
  4. Posted screenshots of private conversations between Kim, Pete and himself on Instagram.
  5. Attacked various celebrities and people who work for him via Instagram posts.
  6. Encouraged his fans to bully Pete Davidson off Instagram; he then bragged about it, saying, “[I] ran Skete off the gram… Tell your mother I changed your name for life.”

While Kanye’s outbursts are not uncommon, they appear to be escalating in recent months. Many media personalities have speculated that his recent outbursts are a manic symptom of his bipolar disorder.

However, others claim he is lashing out for attention, purposefully acting irrationally to increase his sales, despite the damage it is doing to his image.

So, should Kanye West’s threats be taken seriously? Should a very mentally ill man, going through a very public breakdown, have such a focused spotlight on his words and actions? Whatever the ‘truth’ is, here is the question we should be asking ourselves: why do we still care?

In light of the real issues affecting our world, perhaps the focus of the media and society at large should not be aimed at an individual hell-bent on a self-destructive path. 

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