Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Everyone looks forward to the day when masks are no longer mandated and we can eat lunch with friends, but the Omicron variant has extended protocols and delayed a shot at total freedom.

By | Amaya Heyes

With the new surge in Omicron cases, schools have been altering their Covid-19 protocols. The rapid spread of the virus has been causing daily case counts to rise dramatically over the past few months, specifically during December and January. 

Many students have been wondering if they would even be able to return to the classroom, but in B.C. the PHO has not shut down schools since the very first closures in March 2020.

Masks are still mandated, and now there are more protocols in place at ND.

To be as safe as possible, many protocols remain, and some ‘enhanced’ protocols have been put into place.

We have to continue to wear masks at all times except when eating, staying socially distanced when possible, and sanitizing our hands on the way into the school. Each class has sanitizing sprays to wipe down desks after each class.

Some ‘enhanced’ protocols now includes, classes are open at 7:50AM, this will allow students to keep to a specific cohort instead of lingering in hallways. Students are now eating lunch in their designated classrooms. There are staggered ends of day times, which helps with congestion after the last period.

Lastly, spectators for sports games inside the gym are extremely limited to help slow the spread of the virus indoors.

Big crowds in the Gym are no longer allowed.

The new measures in place will hopefully lower the rate of transmission in schools. 

The rapid spread of the variant has also caused problems for healthcare workers, who are being overwhelmed with the overflow of Covid-19 patients in the hospital. The Omicron variant is more transmissible than the other variants.

There are also many active cases currently in B.C., which makes it easier to contract the virus wherever you go.

Most students at Notre Dame are happy to be back at school because they can focus better and say that they thrive more during in-person classes. Others prefer online classes, but want to be able to spend time with friends. 

Either way, everyone wants this nightmare to end. Spring is just a few short weeks away.

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