Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

January roared into the new year and brought frigid cold temperatures and record snowfall to the lower mainland, causing more destruction – this time to the Stanley Park Seawall.

By | Samantha Kwong

Over the past week, Vancouver has encountered continuous snowfall amounting up to 15cm in some areas.

Mother Nature has also graced us with freezing temperatures. This past Friday night, she struck again, destroying a large proportion of the Vancouver seawall.

The results of this #bcstorm has left parts of the once beautiful seawall unrecognizable.

Image from Vancouver is Awesome (Roxanne Borisov)

On the night of January 7th, powerful winds and tides blew across the Lower Mainland and surrounding beach areas. This caused much destruction to the shoreline. With the latest King tide (which usually occur twice a year in Vancouver) and winds reaching up to 90km/hr, the destruction of the seawall was inevitable.

After the flooding and windstorm subsided, extensive damage to the concrete along the seawall was clearly visible.

Currently, many parts of Stanley Park are okay to visit and walk through. Due to major damage from the storm, however, the area of the seawall between Sunset Beach and Lion’s Gate Bridge has been closed for safety measures, and will remain closed until further notice.

Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver, BC.

As stated by the Vancouver Park Board this weekend, staff are focusing on cleaning up the remaining debris. The damage resulting from the incident will be assessed more closely starting Monday, January 10th.

Aside from the flooding occurring in Stanley Park, the seawall located in West Vancouver and surrounding areas were also destroyed or suffered heavy damage. 

This Tweet was sent by @ParkBoark on January 8th, after the storm

Until further notice, everyone should remain away from the closed damaged areas to allow city districts time and space to clean up the area starting Monday.

Let’s hope the seawall is repaired soon, so we all can enjoy it once again!

9 thoughts on “Mother Nature Strikes Vancouver Again”
  1. Oh that’s unfortunate. I hope the sea wall will be fixed especially since it is such a beautiful place to visit. I hope it will be better before summer.

  2. unfortunately the park is damaged , hopefully its fixed so we can get back to the sightseeing and the walks. our beautiful world doesn’t deserve this.

  3. Yeesh. Let’s all hope this doesn’t escalate like a disaster movie in the coming years. The ground opens up and swallows buildings whole, oceans engulf deserts, hurricanes on fire, and of course, everybody nervously glancing at Yellowstone.

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