Sun. Jun 4th, 2023
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The holiday rush to get that perfect gift is nearing. This year, with natural disasters and the continued pandemic, you better start early.

By | Jesse Woo

As the Christmas holiday season approaches, holiday shopping is something that is beginning to pop up in people’s minds.

December is just around the corner and everyone is rushing to purchase gifts on sale. Unfortunately, the shelves are expected to clear out quickly this year.

Every year, it is expected that the shelves in the stores will begin clearing out one by one as the Christmas season approaches. However, as this year’s sources say, items will sell out quicker than the previous years due to the limited resources caused by the pandemic.

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Looking for that great deal starts on Black Friday and continues through Christmas.

Covid-19 has led to a shortage of employees working in ports and factories, leading to a slower distribution of supplies. Recently, severe weather in B.C caused serious flooding and damage to highways and railways across the province.

This has caused a delay in inventory restocking needed to prepare for this holiday shopping season.

People typically shop on Black Friday, searching for good deals and sales. Due to this expected quick clearing of the shelves, it is recommended that if people want to start checking off Christmas gift lists, they should start now.

Although waiting for Black Friday deals could save you some money, it could be too late to do so as the shortage of supplies means limited inventory. There is a possibility that it could leave many people, especially those who waited till Black Friday, empty-handed.

It is expected that not all shoppers will be able to purchase holiday gifts before the shelves empty out.

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