Sun. May 28th, 2023
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The problem isn’t with the Earth – it’s us.

By | Ayesha-Maria Di Tullio

As a deep believer in meditation and yoga, I have learned that the Earth is fine just the way it is. It is us who require rebirth.

We must create a New Humanity – for the sake of our future. 

It came to me a few days ago as I was walking to school and listening to Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”

What have we done to the world?

Look what we’ve done

What about all the peace

That you pledge your only son?

Michael Jackson

All beings, including animals, should be able to exist in freedom, peace and health. My Sadhguru meditation, which I’ve practiced since I was a child as part of my Indian culture, is my yearning for a new humanity to emerge in this same lovely world we share.

Gratitude to our God!

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When I listen to Sadhguru, I am reminded of my humanity. His words come to mind:

“We appear to be hell’s angels in our treatment of half of humanity on our globe… we have left a big portion of the human population in bodily anguish. Hunger, sickness, and injury all cause pain.”


I believe in Samsara (the ongoing cycle of life, death, and rebirth) and karma as a Hindu and a Christian (the universal law of cause and effect). “Atman,” or the concept of a soul, is one of Hinduism’s central ideas. According to this belief, all living things have a soul and are a part of the supreme soul.

Thinking back, I believe that a New Humanity begins within every one of us.

It begins when we consider all beings, including ourselves, as deserving and capable of obtaining freedom, happiness, and peace.

A New Humanity will emerge after we have achieved peace amongst ourselves. The Divine will give us a new Earth.

We are, after all, a part of Her (mother nature and mother earth), and by allowing our inner workings to open up to Her potential, we can become part of the solution rather than the problem in today’s society.

As we say in Hindi: Namaste.

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