Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
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Not getting enough sleep can lead teens into becoming irritable, unfocused and mentally fatigued.

By | Amaya Heyes

You may be one of those students who stay up very late each night to complete homework, study for tests, or stay up for no reason at all – Snapping or Tik-Toking away.

What many teens don’t realize is that not getting enough sleep actually has an impact on their performance in school. Adequate sleep helps students’ ability to focus, improves their concentration, and advances their academic performance.

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep, which would be 8-10 hours at minimum for high school students, is exceedingly important for one’s health as well. This includes mental health, which is one of the most important things in life to prioritize for young adults.

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Students Need To Do A Better Job Getting In More Sleep Each Night

Poor mental health can be caused by a lack of sleep and can also lead to performing poorly in school. Other health effects that are caused by a lack of sleep include diabetes, high blood pressure, and memory problems. 

There is still time to change your sleeping pattern and it will be worth it, as the benefits of getting proper sleep as a teen/student are incredible.

Teens with the proper amounts of sleep perform better in sports, have better memory recall, have better critical thinking skills and, moreover, students with sufficient sleep will see an improvement in their mental health.

With all of these facts taken into consideration, it’s obvious that the benefits of getting that 8-10 hours of solid REM sleep will improve a teen’s ability to cope socially and be successful academically.

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