Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

More changes and some semblance of normalcy seems to be what awaits the 2022 Grad Class.

By | Saray Membrano

Another year of pandemic procedures, and another year of changes for the Grads of 2022. In light of the B.C. Provincial Health Authority’s August mask mandate, and newly adapted passport mandate, it appears that the remainder of this school year will continue to look a lot different than what we are used to, again.

Transitioning into a ‘new normal’ at Notre Dame has started with the introduction of a hybrid semester system, straying away from the inaugural quarters system of 2020-2021. In regards to this year’s grads, they are not all fans of the abolishment of the quarters system, which although at first, it was difficult to adjust to, certainly had its perks and advantages.

This year, we have finally been given the freedom to leave campus grounds during lunch to reconvene with classmates and not be subjected to sitting in a single classroom for 2.5 hours every single day. Twice a day.

However, balancing four subjects has proven to be a hefty task, especially for students who have chosen to participate in the Corpus Christi Running Start Program for first-year Psychology, Calculus, or English classes.

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This Year’s Grads Are Trying To Have a Normal Year at Notre Dame

Not to mention the other duties that come with being in the 12th grade; for example, the infamous Capstone project, which will be moving to an online platform rather than an in-person showcase this year.

There is a multitude of responsibilities this grad class has to take accountability for – like service hours making a comeback; having to collect credible work or volunteer hours (10), all while balancing school work and our personal lives.

Stress is certainly lingering in the air as well as the intense pressure of being obligated to figure out the next chapter in life, future professions, and college applications. Pandemics tend to do that to a grad.

Further information about how grad and prom are expected to look like will be discussed at Tuesday’s (September 21st) Grade 12 Grad Info Planning Night.

This is a mandatory event for all grade 12 students and parents beginning at 7pm and it is expected to last for 2 hours.

More details will be available soon; but, can we expect a semi-normal finisher to end the final chapter of our high school careers here at Notre Dame?

We will have to sit back, wait, and see…

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