Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

After the 9/11 attacks, we started living in a new world of taking our shoes off while going through security at airports – we adjusted. Fast-forward 20 years, and we will all need to adapt again, and live in a world where showing proof of a COVID-19 vaccine is required to enjoy a meal at your favourite restaurant.

By | Samantha Kwong

As Covid-19 cases continue to increase, provincial health has issued a new safety protocol in hopes of protecting the public. Vaccine passports are now (as of September 13th) required if British Columbians choose to partake in non-essential public activities such as dining in restaurants, participating in fitness activities, and attending the cinema.

At least one shot is required starting on the 13th; this applies to those 12 years and older. Citizens who wish to attend public events must sign up for a passport. They will need to add their vaccine status and personal information to their passport. Afterwards, one may choose to download or print the passport when finished.

crop nurse with syringe on beige background

The passport includes a QR code that identifies whether a person is fully or partially vaccinated. Public businesses will scan the code before allowing customers into their building. Citizens have until October 24 to be fully vaccinated as the passport will be in practice until January 31, 2022, or longer.

Sign up for your passport here. 

Although the passport may be annoying to some, there are many reasons why it is necessary. The vaccine passport will allow those who are fully vaccinated to safely enjoy communal events while knowing that those around them are also vaccinated. It also acts as a tool to increase the vaccination rates in the province.

Those with no passport will simply have to avoid any public activities until they are vaccinated; there are no exemptions. In both perspectives, safety is prioritized.

It is important that all those who are fully vaccinated make sure to sign up for the vaccine passport to take part in public social businesses. As school has started, students will want to begin hanging out with their friends during their free time at many different places.

Without a vaccine passport, students will be unable to enter their desired business or place of entertainment. Having the passport will allow citizens to continue to partake in public activities safely and with protecting others in mind.

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