Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
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As summer gives way to fall and students prepare for a return to school, it is imperative that all Jugglers ensure they are equipped for a safe start to the new academic year.

By | Samantha Kwong

We are all aware that summer is coming to an end. Before schools reopen on September 8th, students need to get all their supplies for the coming school year. As we are still in the middle of a pandemic, changes in everyday necessities are needed to ensure a safe learning environment.

Covid-19 has required society to drastically change and adapt to the way we live. The virus and all its variants have also altered certain school requirements. Cases continue to increase daily here in B.C.; this news is alarming because now it’s essential to bring masks, and hand sanitizer to school along with all the conventional school supplies.

Who could have ever predicted that personal protective equipment [PPE] would be considered school supplies just 18 months ago? But the data strongly suggests that masks work. Another important factor in a safe return to school is vaccines. It would be helpful if all students were eventually vaccinated. Vaccination is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended by the health authorities in BC, as it will offer another layer of protection against COVID.

VAX for B.C. is a province-wide event to get everyone vaccinated. Take some time to read up on the initiative.


Notre Dame has created a hybrid linear semester timetable for this coming year; the new schedule will provide the best of both worlds (linear & quarters) through two distinct semesters.

This is not the year to leave purchasing supplies for the last minute. While there is still time, let’s be prepared for what the new school year brings. Do you have your new uniform? Have you gathered all your supplies? Is your laptop updated? Have you purchased your favourite mask?

Apart from garden variety supplies, uniforms need to be purchased before classes begin. Covid-19 makes it difficult because uniform stores are closed for walk-in appointments. All purchases must be done online and received by delivery or curbside pickup. This can cause much delay and inconvenience to new or returning students who are unsure of what they need.

As the pandemic progresses, many sudden changes can happen. Be ready.

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