Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

On August 24th, the Province of British Columbia re-implemented a provincial-wide mask mandate. This updated policy includes all school grades 4 through 12. Notre Dame will adhere to this policy.

By | Mr. DiDonato, Editor in Chief

No matter your specific stance on wearing masks, come the first day of school, a mask mandate will be enforced at Notre Dame. If you are visiting the school before September 8th, then wearing a mask will be in place starting August 25th.

Last year all Jugglers did a great job in wearing their masks

During the Quarters system last year, wearing a mask seemed to provide the extra level of safety we all were hoping for; so continuing on that path seems logical. I, for one, was extremely impressed with the cooperation level of all the students and applauded their efforts in being safe.

Here is more information about the newest mask mandate:

I have no doubt that this year we will have similar results. All staff, students and parents want to have a safe return to school; following all provincial guidelines will help in that endeavour.

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