Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

This was the worst possible wake-up call. “All grade 12s are online (not at school) today, June 18, for actions related to a grad prank”. That was the text in the Remind message this morning.

By | Jusytna Jaroma

The last day of school…

Today was supposed to be filled with hugs, pictures, tears of sadness and joy, and other conventions attributed to the last day of classes; all taken away, just like that.

Our grade planned that we would sign each other’s yearbooks and white polo shirts as a keepsake for what was already the most unusual year. We planned on saying goodbye to not only each other, but also students of younger grades, who hopefully enjoy much more in their grad years. Subsequently, we wanted to take the opportunity to properly thank our teachers for their shared knowledge, patience, and support throughout our high school careers.

The word “prank” was used to describe the damages inflicted on the school. It was through sources from different students that we could try to put some pieces together of a larger puzzle. The ND logo on the field is apparently desecrated with flour and rice, while the school bus has toilet paper hanging from it and plenty of graffiti. The bus also suffered a broken window as part of the damage.

On the cement walls surrounding the inner perimeter of the new parking lot and on the ground, phallic images and rude remarks made about teachers are written with indelible markers; some are extreme – well beyond a prank, and terribly personal.

Nothing about this incident is “Lame” – just incredibly sad.

The school was also egged; such a disgusting and insulting gesture to a building we spent the past 5 years in.

While some grade 12’s are in tears of frustration, others sit at home in pure disbelief. Personally, I am angered at this entire situation. The greater majority of this grad class is not disrespectful, but we are all paying the price for a handful who are.

We were recently notified that we will be able to come through the front entrance at 2:30 pm to sign our yearbooks and polo shirts. We are thankful for this opportunity, but still a little frustrated that we suffered for the senseless ‘pranks’ of a few others.

This was not the final article that I envisioned writing for The Observer.

What everyone should understand is this, Notre Dame will not be defined by a handful of wrongdoers, the vast majority of Jugglers are grateful for our 5 years. We are all proud to be a part of this school and community.

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