Sun. May 28th, 2023

It is always special to think back on high-school days and recall the events and people that helped shape our futures. There is a special pride that flows through us and giving back only deepens the bond of all alumni to the place where these memories were conceived.

By | Joe Garcea

Before the first kickoff, touchdown, or goal gets scored on the new sports field, there is time and opportunity to reflect on some memories through the eyes of a special group of Notre Dame alumni. For the last few months, I have enjoyed spending time (over Zoom) with many past Jugglers; more specifically, members of the 1968 Championship varsity football team. 

They are clear in their goals for Notre Dame and the community moving forward; they all want to give back to the school that brought them so many great memories. Together with the ND Alumni Association, the ‘68 team wants to provide as much monetary support as possible by advocating different fund-raising campaigns. They are all excited to contribute both their time and money to ensure future success and prosperity at ND.

To start, they have sponsored the main logo at the centre of the new field. To achieve this goal, they reached out to other ND alumni (teammates) across the globe in an effort to secure the funds required. Jugglers came through, which is not a surprise; now, they are focused on encouraging and challenging other alumni teams to step up and contribute to the cause.

George Oswald, Al Blesch (Head Coach), Vince Zucarro, Jim Levas, John Vozza and Joe Smith

Since these gentlemen first came to Notre Dame they have been giving back to the community with time, talent and treasure.  I have had the good fortune of meeting all of them and the privilege of working with several of them in different capacities.  For this special group of men, giving back to our community is a labor of love. As we begin the process of welcoming our past Jugglers to experience our beautiful, new outdoor facility, I cannot think of a more fitting group to be featured. These gentlemen prove, yet again, that some things just get better with age.  My sincere gratitude to six of our true Jugglers!

Mr. Roger DesLauriers – Principal

The players from the 1968 team (the first Provincial Champions in school history) are planning some exciting events over the coming months. At the top of their agenda will be tracking down as many teammates from that team as possible and uniting them all at the ND field for a special celebration. Stay tuned. 

I have been regaled with many stories over the past few months. It is amazing to listen and hear the pride in each voice as they share their tales from the past. During a recent Varsity team practice, some came to walk the field for the first time and then stayed to watch the new Jugglers run drills. Once a Juggler, always a Juggler.

The new sports field will undoubtedly attract more Juggler alumni back to the school in the months and years to come. It is a special time at Notre Dame for both past and current students as we think back over our proud history, and begin to create new memories that will begin to frame our future. 

The 1968 varsity Champions are doing all they can to support current and future Notre Dame students. Bravo!

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