Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

In grade 11, you took an interest in a Notre Dame club that was not about sports, or singing, or drama. Over the past two years, you have helped grow The Observer into an online platform that has become the voice for all Jugglers and the go-to place for all news Notre Dame for our community. I am eternally grateful for your courage and inspiration.

By | Maurizio DiDonato

As this year recedes into the annals of Notre Dame history, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the grade 12s who have made this publication possible for the past two years.

Whether you were a writer, poet or editor, a photographer, or cartoonist; whether you ran a social media account, or simply wanted to be a part of a non-sports club, I thank you for joining this team.

On day one, many of you were there when I was literally overwhelmed by your interest in this project that I was so enthusiastic about; I remember being worried that a school newspaper wouldn’t have the cache needed to get started. I feared that less than 10 students would even show up!

I am happy my fears were pushed aside: you, collectively, are the reasons they were. 

Over the past two years, more than 40 students have involved themselves in some capacity with The Observer. Outside of Football – we [YOU] are the largest club here at Notre Dame. That is something to be proud of as you leave us for newer, bigger, exciting opportunities.

Your courage to be the authentic voice for an entire school, while being vulnerable to your peers, teachers, and administrators, was the fuel I needed to continue driving the paper’s success on a daily basis. That is true strength.

Moreover, your work is the foundation of what is now an important part of Notre Dame and the community. You have created the mold that future Jugglers will gather inspiration from as they continue the tradition solidly started by your group. You leave behind an influential legacy for all who follow, and they will continue to build upon what you’ve started. 

COVID-19 was a great strain on everyone, including (most of all) you, the students; and while it managed to shut down all the sports and most of the clubs, it could not infect The Observer. The strength of your words was the perfect vaccination…

Write till your ink be dry, and with your tears
Moist it again, and frame some feeling line
That may discover such integrity.

William Shakespeare

Thank you – and cheers to the best that fortune has to offer:

Alysha CasaclangIsabella ChircoEllis Cho
Adriana Daconceicao Francesca FerronatoSewit Haile
Emilia IwanowiczJustyna JaromaHelen Yu
Stefania KyleBriand LedaSaray Membrano
Sara MezzomoAshley MorettoDylan Nguyen
Olivia PicarielloStefonia PrimeranoMaia Shanh
Julien TavernierVincent WongConnie Xie

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