Sun. Feb 5th, 2023
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Is the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel real, or just an abstract manifestation of verisimilitude of what humanity is hoping and praying for? Either way, many philosophical questions are starting to emerge.

By | Nina Stofati

It has been just over a year since the start of COVID-19 and thankfully, Canada and the rest of the world are finally seeing small signs that the end to the pandemic is near, with multiple contracts being signed for massive vaccine roll-outs. Here in Canada, the Prime Minister has predicted that mass immunization could be achieved by September of 2021. If in fact, the nation is approaching an end to COVID-19, a much more prevalent question has emerged, “what will Canada look like after the pandemic is over?”.

For months, the general public has been diligent in following COVID-19 restrictions with the idea that it will all be over soon. However, this has become such a routine that questions of whether or not society will look the same after the pandemic is turning into a very worrying reality. Numerous articles around the globe have made it clear that although various vaccines are being made available for global distribution, the world will be living with this virus well beyond 2021.

Coronavirus will be with us forever, Sage scientist warns


Even with vaccine, ‘We will be dealing with this forever’: Virus experts Frieden, Osterholm


COVID-19 will never actually cease to exist and will require yearly vaccinations among the general public, according to professionals. Until we somehow reach this stage, how exactly will the government regulate the virus? Will provinces be in occasional lockdowns every two or three months? Will society still be confined to its small bubble of friends and family? And of course, a much more pertinent issue that many of the graduates of 2021 may be mulling over is the future of in-person instruction in Universities.

room chair lot
Will There Ever Be a Full Lecture Hall Again?

The hard work of health authorities has been quite commendable since the start of the pandemic. They have been working tirelessly to keep morale high, and are doing as much as is possible to have everyday life be safe. This is the path to normal. However, the constant uncertainty of this situation may be taking its toll on Canadians, as hopes for a return to normal life seems more out of reach as the days come off the calendar.

Although the current situation may be quite disheartening, it is important to remember that there is a foreseeable end to this pandemic and hopefully, by that time, it will be safe enough for society to return to pre-2020 levels of accepted daily life.

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