Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

It has been 20 years since the Notre Dame community lost Michael Cuccione to cancer. He was 16 years old. January 5, 1985, to January 13, 2001

By | Observer Staff & Simon Isherwood

Michael Cuccione attended Notre Dame for one memorable year.  He was like a celebrity, followed everywhere he went.  Then, sadly, his cancer came back. In his short, but memorable life, Michael toured the continent as a motivational speaker, recorded a CD Make a Difference,  starred on an episode of Baywatch, and in an MTV sitcom making fun of boy bands called 2gether.

Michael shot a commercial with Vancouver Canucks Captain, Trevor Linden, he performed and spoke annually on the Variety Club and BC Children’s telethons.  Michael met with the Premiere of BC, Prime Minister of Canada and the Pope!  His annual fundraiser has raised over $10Million for childhood cancer. The Notre Dame MAD Film Festival has raised over $30,000 alone.

Jean Claude Van Couver

Thank you to Ross Stevens for sharing this video tribute to Michael. Ross’s YouTube channel is

Jean Claude Van Couver

2 thoughts on “Today We Remember Michael Cuccione”
  1. Blessed to have known Michael. He will always be in my heart and mind. A true saint,
    who always put others before himself. I can still feel his presence when I need a little inspiration.

  2. When I was a boy I remember hearing Michael’s story by my mother. A few days ago his memory came through my thoughts. And I decided to research him going off of what I was told long ago. I feel a powerful connection to him and his contributions to the lives of children. I pray in the hopes of one day seeing him be canonized.

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