Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

By | Connie Xie

A familiar wind blows,

sending chills down my spine.

walk along the ocean shore,

see gleaming shells,

reflect the moon

Violent waves,

Thrash against my legs,

Every surge,

Reveals hidden cuts.

Holographic fragments,

On the ocean floor,

Shattered, scattered

Reflected in my own pools of dark. 

Ever growing,

Flowing through rocky barriers.

Covering all nooks,

 and creaks 

Of the earth.


To unknown creatures,

rhythm of the waves,

Singing my favorite song,

My comfort zone.

Restless waves calm me.

winds circle my fragile body,

an anaconda. 

Leaving me breathless.

 I will

come back again,

to drop troubles,

skipping pebbles.

elegant woman walking on sandy beach near sea
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