Sun. May 28th, 2023
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Maureen Grant Celebrates 40 years as Notre Dame Office Manager

Special to The Observer | Alan Charlton

The Alumni extends hearty congratulations and sincere thanks to Maureen Grant (class of ’70) as she marks her [40th year] as Office Manager at Notre Dame. A lively member of her graduating class, Maureen has remained a loyal member of the Notre Dame community over the years, including taking a leading role in the Alumni production of The Man Who Came to Dinner.

Most significantly, over the years her job became more and more challenging as she helped the school to negotiate the financial complexities arising from business matters with the CISVA and the Provincial Government, as well as all the financial matters involving the construction of the new school building.

Throughout it all, Maureen has built a remarkable reputation for being dedicated, efficient, and knowledgeable at a level which no other involved in the Catholic Schools of Vancouver can surpass. Whether it is in dealing with the bank, the staff benefits package, the parents’ questions about school fees, or the daily financial transactions of school life, Maureen is always able to answer questions and resolve difficulties brilliantly.

Her dedication to her job often results in her frequently working several hours beyond her contract time as she is determined always to ensure that every outstanding matter is dealt with satisfactorily. Indeed, the main concern of those involved in the Notre Dame Community is how to replace her when she retires – something which clearly lies in the not too distant future.

So it is that, while we know that sooner or later the school will have to face that inevitable challenge, all the Notre Dame community adds to its sincere congratulations on Maureen’s many years of service, a heartfelt wish that she remains as long as possible as an informed guide and leader in the paths of school bureaucracy for many years to come.

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