Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

By Observer Staff

The following are the expectations that Notre Dame Regional Secondary requires of students and their parents or guardians during online learning. Expectations may be updated at any time. We expect that during any online learning when students are present virtually, all learners MUST:

  • Establish a workspace free from distractions. If possible, this space should include a desk, chair, and appropriate lighting, access to the internet (wifi or plug-in) and to an electrical outlet (so that the computer can be charged) is necessary.
  • Log into video conference meetings using their legal first and last name. No aliases, nicknames, statements or other identification should be used when logging into Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, etc., and when corresponding with teachers and the school. Aliases and other handles or identities are not permitted.
  • Only display appropriate stock images, appropriate backgrounds (digital or of the study area) and icons provided by google or zoom images when attending class. No inappropriate, distracting or unidentifiable images are to be used in icons or any images displayed during a school video call.
  • Be aware of what is in the background of your study area. Ensure it is appropriate and protects family privacy.
  • Log into their online classes at the designated start time and remain online in class until their teacher dismisses them.
  • Enter the virtual classroom with the microphone off and only turn it on when instructed to do so by the teacher. This helps to eliminate background noise and ensures that everyone can hear the teacher.
  • Have their video camera on to start all online classes. To help create the best online learning situation and to better understand the needs of the class, the expectation is that the cameras remain on unless the teacher directs otherwise.
  • Dress appropriately – casual juggler wear, no bare shoulders (no tank tops or sleeveless tops), a clean top and appropriate grooming. Students can wear their school uniforms, but we encourage students to take the opportunity to wash their uniforms. No pyjamas or sleepwear allowed.
  • Not share links from the class to other students not enrolled in the class. Any students doing so will be violating school policy and will be subject to major disciplinary action.
  • Use appropriate language and behave respectfully when asking questions or participating in discussions.  Students must not engage in any distracting activities or actions during the teacher’s lesson.
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  1. I won’t lie, having online classes was pretty difficult, but I do agree that we should continue learning even when we’re apart.

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