Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

By | Observer Staff

Ms. Chan has created this visual to help us all in our efforts to go back to school safely. It is imperative that students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents understand that following these steps will give us all the best chance to continue having live school this year.

By Stephanie Chan

Notre Dame has prepared all summer to ensure a safe return. Follow the NEW arrows on the floor; adhere to the new classroom rules; use the hallways and washrooms as instructed – this will provide the safety we all require to be comfortable together.

Let’s be at our best from DAY 1.

Good luck, Jugglers and welcome back!

9 thoughts on “How To Best Be Ready For a Safe Back to School”
  1. I’m very happy and excited that we are back to school even though we still have to social distance and wear masks I still get to see my classmates.

  2. Thank you Observer Staff. I love the article you made because it is very helpful. Its helpful because it tells us what we have to bring to school which is a mask and how we can stay safe by sanitizing and staying with people that have the same colored bracelet. I have a question and it is if the numbers go down for Covid 19, will we get our lockers back.

  3. I love it how we’re able to go back to school and also at the same time are able to social distance to see everyone. Ms. Chan I agree with what you had provided us with a visual sign to help us be more award of everything that’s happening and to do as much as we can. Hopefully everything goes back to normal soon.

  4. Thank you observer staff. I think this is very helpful to all of us. This article made it really easy for us to understand what we need to bring and what we need to do to prevent the spread of Covid 19

  5. Thank you for this article. This article made it really easy and helpful to understand the rules for a safe return to school. This will help many people and prevent any cases of covid

  6. Thank you observer staff! I am very excited to be back even though we have to wear masks and social distance. I am excited to see how this school year goes.

  7. This article went through all the rules to keep us all safe, it made it easier to understand and prevent the spread of Covid in our school through carrying out these rules. Thank you observer staff for this informative article!

  8. Thank you observer staff, this article was a helpful hand to understand the new school proticalls for a safe back to school. Publishing this article helped many students, like myself who are preparing to return to school and I am glad that this article gave such detailed information on what to do.

  9. To everyone who still attends Notre Dame, be glad that you aren’t still suffering through online learning. Remember that there’s always something to be grateful for – starting post-secondary amid a pandemic is a heartache of a nightmare no matter where you’re going. Take care during the new school year and be the best that you can be; stay safe!

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