Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

After years of frustration, and red tape, it appears that Notre Dame’s athletics field is finally becoming a reality.

By Observer Staff

If you drive by the school, you will be happy to see that the construction of Notre Dame’s much-anticipated athletics field has begun. The backhoes have arrived, and the much-mocked ‘Notre Dame Hill’ is being levelled to make room for the field.

This day did not come easily; years of red tape, difficult decisions and community apprehension, all conspired to delay the start of this project for many years.

Where will future grad classes get their inspiration for the graduation video now?

This is a monumental construction job, and best guesses suggest that the field will be functional by April of 2021.

Read the official announcement below:

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15 thoughts on “ND Field Becoming a Reality”
  1. Hi Mr. Didonato i really liked this artical and I totally agree! I am also so happy that the field has started and it will be ready in no time. I also hope that the field finishes on schedule so that my classmates and I are here to see it

  2. Hey Mr Didonato, I am looking forward to being able to use the field for the first time in many years. Hope it will be done soon

  3. i can not wait for the Notre Dame field to be built! i am excited for it and i am looking forward to the finished build. what would the field look like on april of 2021?

  4. I think that the Nd field was a very good article to write about and I liked how they told us the process of the field

  5. I am excited to see the progression and developing of this long awaited field, and I look forward to playing soccer and other sports on it.

  6. I’m very excited about the field getting complete and worked on, it will be great to watch sport events on.

  7. I love the fact that they are finally building the field I thought it would have started construction last year and it does make sense why the whole neighbourhood was one of the things that was holding the the project from beginning but I never once heard anyone mock the once was hill but I am very excited to see the field when it is fully done.

  8. i’m really exited for it but in my opinion i really don’t care how long its going to take but i think that the field is going to be great

  9. I honestly really don’t care that we have a new football field, but I understand that everyone is excited that the football team has a place to practice, but one thing that stands out is the position of the field. Across the street, there are some houses, and I’m pretty sure that they will have to adapt living into said field. I just hope that they would be still able to live a nice lifestyle.

  10. I’m really excited about the field and i’m looking forward to not only use the field to play various sports, but also to watch sport events on. I look forward to the completion of this field to be on schedule for me and my classmates to see it!

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