Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Book Club exists to encourage reading, cultivate a love of letters, and inspire conversations.

By Alysha Casaclang

To start an exciting new school year, Notre Dame now has a brand new club for you! Introducing the ND Book Club! Created and founded by Ms. Chan (with Mr. DeSantis), this club is for everyone and anyone who wants to join. You don’t even have to be a bookworm – just keep an open mind.

ND Book Club

Book Club comes jam-packed with many fun, conversation-sparking events:

  • Bookmark Mondays – time to check in with each other and talk about what’s on our personal shelves. BINGO cards will be given to those up for the challenge, with prizes for the completion of particular patterns.
  • Tuesdays with M. – hear your mentors, teachers, and coaches talk about their reading lives. Maybe teachers will even submit themselves for a version of Hot Ones.
  • Midweek Mixer (on Wednesdays) – these sessions are all about discovery. Participants will get a pack of texts. Together we’ll figure out how to read outside of our comfort zones, finding out what we like (or don’t like) in the process.
  • Tangent Thursdays – time for big ideas and “serious” talk, like what, how, and why we read. It’s for questions like, “What books should we study at school?” “Who “owns” characters and their stories?” and “Is cancellation just censorship by another name?”.
  • Friday Face/Offs – Battle your beloved characters, favourite books, authors, genres, you name it. Bring your inner critic.

These are just some of the regular events that are planned. Stay tuned for more special events (members first)! Some of these sessions will be in-person (if all safety precautions can be adhered to); however, most will probably be online, with drops of digital content so that all students can have access to Book Club.

Although this year has been tough, it does not have to be a continuation of more missed opportunities.

Book Club aims “to get people to read more and rediscover – or, discover for the first time – the joy of reading.”

Ms. Chan

She shares this anecdote: “I include myself in this too because when you’ve got family and responsibilities, and all sorts of other things to do, it can be really, really difficult to find the time or inclination to crack open a book, and I say this as someone who loves books. But, maybe a “Club” will provide some extra incentive. Why do people wear fitness trackers and have work-out buddies?

So, Book Club is about reading, but not just; “read, share, connect” is our tagline, and I am hoping that what we do together becomes the ground for growing a culture of literacy at ND”.  

There’s something reassuring and galvanizing about knowing that others are doing the same (or better or different) which brings out the competitive, the communal, the curious in us.

Ms. Chan

Jugglers from all grades are hyped and thrilled for this new club. An ND senior says “[I am so excited] because ND has never had a club like this available. I joined because it sounds like a potentially great club that is geared towards the English side of the arts which I think is important to have.” A grade 11 student adds “I joined because well, I was mostly reading the same material over and over, and wanted to try something new.” He likes, “how loose and relaxed the club [is] structured. It seems like more than a book club, which was inviting”. 

Another ND junior expresses her excitement about the new club, “I’ve always wanted to participate in one because I love sharing my joy of reading with others. I think it’s also a great way to learn new perspectives and participate in some healthy debate.” A grade 9 adds, “happy to know that they were making a book club because I love to read. That was one reason why I joined. Another reason was to meet other people or perhaps get closer to people I already know”.

Book Club is a great way to expand your horizons and create new experiences for yourself. It can open up your mind for further enlightenment.

For more information contact Ms. Chan and join the Instagram page: @ nd_bookclub

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  1. I am amazed at how with an important skill about reading and observing on a book you are able to make it more entertaining for us students to want to read more. I personally think that besides from just reading, this club can also take some part for our english classes and help us become a better observer with our future assignments.

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